Did you get an email asking you for sensitive information?

Did you respond?


Phishing attacks are when a fraudster creates an email or advertisement to trick the recipient. They play on human emotions like anxiety and pity to get people to give up sensitive information or complete a financial transaction. You’ve probably seen phishing emails in your own inbox. Messages saying your account is in arrears, or your family member is in trouble and needs you to send money. Sadly in a lot of cases, money or gifts that have been handed over to these fraudsters or malicious internet hunters can never be recovered, primarily due to the methodology of their payment requests.

These types of enquiries have been on the rise with the prevalece of internet usage. Calgary Private Investigators offer a full background research into the person(s) behind the scamming to identify and expose those people for the fraudsters they are.

If you receive any such enquiries from persons you don’t know or shouldn’t trust, call us, we are pleased to help you and stop them. We have a lot of sources and techniques at our disposal to help put an end to the worry caused by these people, and we will provide you with the evidence you need to make sure and safe decisions going forward.