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Contacting a private investigator is essential when you need discreet, professional assistance to gather critical information legally and ethically. Our expertise in surveillance, background checks, and complex investigations helps you to make informed decisions, backed by solid evidence, while upholding confidentiality and legal standards.

About Us

Welcome to Qwest Investigations, a premier, full-service private investigation firm with over 15 years of expertise in domestic investigations. Our commitment to the legal and family law communities has made us a trusted and reliable partner in Calgary, Alberta.

At Qwest Investigations, we are known for our prompt, accurate, and cost-effective services. Our investigators, equipped with the latest surveillance technology, ensure that every investigation is conducted discreetly and thoroughly. We take pride in providing high-quality, "Court Ready" recorded information that your legal team can confidently use as evidence.

Our firm is not only a long-standing member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators, but our managing partners have also honorably served on its Board, reinforcing our leadership in the industry.

Whether it's dealing with cases of infidelity, family matters, or locating individuals, our clients—both private individuals and legal professionals—consistently choose Qwest Investigations as their top choice. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in every investigation we undertake.

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Paul was tremendously considerate, thorough and professional. My life would be very different today if not for his services. I could not be more thankful.
V. S.
I highly recommend Paul, he and his team are professional and work with you to provide you with what you require vs a cookie cutter solution. I found them to be honest and timely in their dealings with me and highly ethical. I would definitely reach out again should the need arise. He goes the extra mile for his clients.
M. G.
I can not say enough good things about the services I had with Paul. Retained him twice. He is very professional, quick to respond, did an amazing job with surveillance and fact finding and helped me win my case. Thank you!
C. M.
I had the pleasure of working with Paul Waldron as my private investigator, and I must say that he exceeded all my expectations. Paul is not only a wonderful person with great communication and interpersonal skills, but he is also incredibly reliable and efficient in fulfilling the tasks I requested. His level of professionalism throughout the entire process was outstanding. I highly recommend Paul for any situation where a private investigator is required. You can trust him to get the job done effectively and professionally.
S. S.
When I discovered my husband was cheating I needed more evidence so hired a private investigator. Paul took over my case. He was very professional and knowledgeable and kept me continually updated. His years of experience and wisdom helped me immensely. I am grateful for his expertise and kindness.
C. K.
I have hired Paul a total of 3 times over the last 6 years. He honestly helped saved my life as he uncovered some really dangerous activity my ex was involved in and it allowed me to get myself safe. The info and material Paul provided were able to be used in court which secured me a positive judgment. He cares about people too and really wanted to help my family. Would hire him again in a heartbeat if needed. Highly recommend him and his services
Cat M.

I would recomend Qwest to anyone. I dealt with Mr. Paul Waldron for my sensitive family matter, & any questions or concerns that I had were answered in a timely & professional manner. With the evidence that Mr Waldron was able to provide, I was able to succeed in my Court Case and I've never been happier. Paul came almost $750.00 under budget so I was more then ecstatic to find that out.

Thank You Mr Waldron for your professionalism and understanding during my darkest time.

K. C.
I found this investigator (Paul) to be very patient, understanding, supportive, knowledgeable, professional and accommodating to my needs.  I would highly recommend this company (Qwest) in a flash.