Your child means everything to you.

Their welfare means everything to us.


Calgary Private Investigators have managed many child custody investigations during their twenty plus years of investigations throughout Alberta and British Columbia. We recognize and understand the concerns of parents whose children are torn away from home due to divorce or separations and whom are often placed into the care of undesirable or unknown relatives of their ex partners, who are unwilling to provide their addresses, the living arrangements, or who in fact is actually “caring for the child” either temporarily or overnight.

Children often “bottle up” their fears and experiences because of their loyalty to their parents, or because they are threatened not to say anything about what they have seen. Sadly, these occurrences are common in daily life, and can affect the growth and confidence of children if not unchecked. Clients complain that the authorities or the courts are unwilling to listen to their concerns. We are willing to listen and act upon those concerns with determination to get to the truth, find out what is happening, fully investigate those involved, their backgrounds and behaviors, and provide compelling evidence to support child custody applications.

Calgary Private Investigators has an unrivalled success rate in these cases and have many testimonials supporting successful conclusions and positive results in Child custody cases.
How do we achieve these results?
By working in partnership with clients and their respective legal professionals, Calgary private investigators have successfully ensured that children are protected and returned to the custody of loving and nurturing parents, away from the harmful influences of drugs, alcohol, neglect and abuse, sadly prevalent in modern day life. We ensure that the child’s welfare is paramount during the investigation and that a quality “court ready” product is provided with supporting video evidence, so the legal team can present a strong case to the court on the children’s behalf. We use all our life and Police experience in support of gathering the required evidence and presenting it in a professional, top quality product to support your court hearing.

Calgary Private Investigators have access to experienced male and female investigators of varying ages that can be utilized in all situations, with the backup of modern recording and technical support equipment which ensures our investigation is kept covert, whilst providing as much information and evidence as possible.

Calgary Private Investigators managers will ensure that the investigation is managed with your needs in mind using the experience gained from many such successful investigations conducted since their inception. We have been praised by courts and lawyers for the evidence we have obtained and have many grateful clients and children who now have a secure safer future, something that makes us proud to be involved in such investigations.

Our mindset is always that the child’s welfare is paramount to any investigation, and if we observe the child in any danger we will intervene and call the Police without delay.

Do you need a Family Law lawyer?

We have access to top Family Law legal teams in Alberta who can trust the investigation will be carried out fully and professionally ensuring the client has the best chance of protecting their children from harm.
Little Warriors
Calgary Private investigators also support the work of “Little Warriors”, a charitable organization involved in the education of adults in recognizing and dealing with Child abuse in Canada. Please take time to visit their website and support the work of this organization in the protection of children in Canada.