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Calgary Private Investigators offers a unique and personal approach to Infidelity and Domestic Investigations. We offer free consultation at our offices in Calgary or we will travel and meet you at a location where you feel comfortable and able to discuss the issues you are experiencing. Alternatively, as with all of our investigations consultations are available by telephone using any of the methods detailed on our contact page.

We understand that no two domestic problems are the same, and every case has its own unique issues that are personal to you. We will offer a sympathetic ear to your concerns and present you with professional and confidential investigation advice tailored to your needs and budget requirements.

Having many years of experience of dealing with domestic and family issues, but also the problems that follow discovery and sometimes divorce, we are in a position to counsel you in the best practice going forward to ensure your financial protection, self-protection, and the welfare of any children in the relationship. This can be achieved by using one of the Family Law firms with which we have an excellent relationship, or by utilizing of the counselling services that support people going through the tricky stages of separation or trying to mend a broken relationship.

We will be there for you throughout the full process and stages of the investigation and litigation that can follow.

We will offer constructive, valued advice and ideas that will ensure you are fully prepared for the worst case scenario, and can support you with further important investigative techniques and strategies that will ensure you will not be left stranded financially or personally as a result of your partner’s actions.

Following your initial free consultation, one our dedicated Managers will maintain contact with you throughout the course of the investigation providing real-time information and offering advice to ensure you get the information and answers you deserve.

We are able to employ a variety of techniques, real time surveillance, and technical surveillance using our “state of the art” recording, visual and listening equipment. Additionally Calgary Private Investigators have male and female staff available to deal with any situation who are fully trained and equipped for their roles and who are chosen to fit your requirements at that time. All the available options for surveillance, investigative techniques and sources of information will be explained to you in detail during your free consultation.

Calgary Private Investigators are able to respond to urgent requests for help generally within a short time period, dependent upon the location of the subject.  

Our goal is to provide top quality information, video and photography where possible, and court ready reports where needed.

We are 100% confidential.
Calgary Private Investigators have provided a series of indicators that may be of use to you in deciding whether or not your partner may be being unfaithful. These have been prepared following many years of talking to clients and people making enquiries about possible investigations and the reasons they believe that their partners are having an affair.
  • Person concerned is not available at certain times of the day or night, and cannot be contacted.
  • The subject is hiding their cell phone, taking it with them, keeping it locked and close to them at all times
  • Coming home later than usual, eating out more and reconnecting with “friends” that they haven’t spoken to in a long time
  • Wanting to take holidays or trips alone
  • Taking extended business meetings or lunch and being “unavailable
  • Taking a greater interest in their appearance, wearing new clothes, maybe visiting the gym more often than usual
  • Denying access to phones, tablets and computers, using private apps to send messages, and keeping their phones with them at all times
  • Spending more money than usual, receipts for bars and restaurants  showing prices that are too expensive for one person
  • Blaming you for breakdowns in the relationship and showing less interest in you personally
  • Sometimes the reverse  will apply and the partner will show an increased sexual interest possibly using new techniques
  • Person begin telling obvious lies or forgetting what they told you about certain times and events that are of concern
Whilst the above are just a general guide, they are the most common causes of suspicion that are repeated by clients enquiring about possible cheating.

We recognize that this is a highly emotionally charged time for their clients and we offer 24/7 access to the case manager to assist and advise you through these difficult weeks and months that follow. Many of our clients return for further investigations along the rocky road that can follow separation and divorce, especially when financial and child custody issues occur. We promise to stay with you throughout and do our utmost to ensure you are fully prepared and informed on all aspects of the investigation.

Please contact us for further information and advice.